• Are you feeling the pressure of a new job?
  • Is that new marriage bringing out some unexpected challenges?
  • Has your world been shattered by a divorce?
  • Is the abuse of the past still plaguing your life or relationships?
  • Is your life being sapped by emotional burnout?

A Healthy Life

You don’t live too long until you discover that life is full of surprises.  Some fun and enjoyable and some very challenging to say the least!  While some things come as a result of your choices, many come unbidden and not directly the result of your own actions.  People fail you, deceive you, hurt you or don’t live up to your expectations of them.  Companies lay off employees, the economy crashes, house prices fall, or your kids don’t live by your standards...  Life happens.

Hemingway said, "Life breaks all of us.  Then some grow stronger in the broken places."

Even the “good” experiences like graduating from college, getting a new job, starting a marriage, or having a baby can test your ways of coping or add pressures to your life.

Every event is full of opportunities.  Every failure or success, every wound or disappointment has much to teach you.  But, you have to mine the circumstances and your feelings to make them produce something of good character and strength in you.

It’s easy to get lost along the way; to let the wound fester, the pressure mount or the anger build up until your heart is bitter, hard and heavy; your reactions may become harsh or self defeating. Life is too short to live that way.

Maybe you’re dealing with new pressures; maybe you’re living with the negative fallout of your past. You may need to get some closure and find a way to not let hurtful experiences control your life and relationships.  You may need to gain a new perspective and explore the possibilities with an experienced counselor.  No one can give you "the answers."  But, sometimes the process is healthier and the outcome is better when it's shared with someone who understands.

I’d be happy to discuss the possibility of being a part of your growth process.

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