Overview of Premarital Counseling/Marriage Education

What is Marriage Preparation or Premarital Counseling?
Effective marriage preparation is an interactive process between a couple planning to marry and a marriage educator or counselor.   It is a learning process that is life-related, skill-based and practical.

Goals of the process may include:
  • Deepening understanding of self and one’s partner  (Including the effects of personality, family of origin, life experiences, personal values and expectations)  
  • A better understanding of marriage.  This includes examining the myths of marriage and the popular beliefs about marriage in light of the best in current marriage research
  • Clarifying expectations, desires and goals  
  • Identifying the relationship’s "working model" and understanding the implications
  • Identifying strength and growth areas and formulating a plan for development 
  • Learning skills that can enhance communication and conflict resolution as well as nurture intimacy
  • Integrating spiritual principles (if desired) for healthy marriage and deepening unity in the relationship
  • Developing a plan to maintain the marital friendship and deepen the marriage relationship over time
  • Developing an "intent to learn" mindset with commitment to on-going learning and seeking marital counsel if and when the marriage becomes distressed 

Premarital Counseling is life-related, interactive, skill based, both fun and serious

Premarital Counseling includes some objective evaluation instruments like
  • PREPARE Inventory to assess strengths and growth areas of the relationship
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or The Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis to assess personality and personal preferences 
  • Dynamic Family History or Family Genogram to help assess patterns and marital models

Premarital Counseling will normally be a minimum of six sessions, typically scheduled two weeks apart to allow time for homework and learning exercises. 

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